Presentation guide

Oral Presentations

Time slots for talks inluding questions are:

  • 45 minutes for plenary lectures.
  • 30 minutes for invited talks.
  • 20 minutes for oral contributions.

Please reserve at least 5 minutes for the discussions. Chairpersons will be asked to limit your speaking time rather than the discussion time.


Guidelines for talks

The lecture room will be supplied with a digital projector (HDMI/VGA input) connected to a laptop running Windows 7 (64 bits) and prepared with Adobe Reader XI and Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007. Electronic presentations should preferentially be transferred to this laptop via USB memory-stick. However, you can also use your own laptop if you prefer. Please bring the necessary (HDMI or VGA) adapter if it is a Mac.

Speakers should bring their files and/or technically test the presentation well before the scheduled session, at the latest in the break before the session.


Guidelines for poster presentations

The poster session is scheduled on October 20th from 6.10pm to 7.30pm. The recommended poster size is portrait A0 size (841 mm x 1189 mm). Poster boards and scotch tape will be available during Tuesday morning. Please, use the lunch or the afternoon coffee breaks to hang your poster. Posters must be removed from the boards at the end of the poster session.

The poster session will be preceded by a "Poster Introduction Session" during which the authors are asked to orally present highlights of their work as a "2 minute commercial". Each presenter of a poster should therefore prepare a very short presentation. This is not intended to be a complete talk in 2 minutes, but rather an opportunity to attract other participants to your poster. If presentation slides are used during the “commercial”, the file must be uploaded to the presentation PC BEFORE the session. The use of personal computers is not possible in the Poster Introduction Session.